UFC news: Anthony Smith wants to fight against Jiri Prochazka

UFC news Anthony Smith wants to fight against Jiri Prochazka

The former contender for the UFC light heavyweight title, American Anthony Smith, admitted that he would like to hold a duel with the Czech fighter Jiri Prochazka.

UFC news: Anthony Smith wants to fight against Jiri Prochazka

Although Jiri Prochazka has a wild style and has shown off a solid chin, Anthony Smith says it’s a challenge he would like to face. He knows Prochazka’s style poses a lot of problems and is a very dangerous fight. Yet, he says that is what excites him.

“I would love to fight that guy. It just looks like it’s so much fun.” Anthony Smith said. “And honestly, he fought Dominick Reyes exactly how I would fight Dominick Reyes. Just get in tight, make it ugly, make him uncomfortable, don’t give him any space.”

“It would be bananas. It would be chaos,” Anthony Smith said. “Those are the kinds of fights that everybody’s really, really excited. I don’t have to like, be super focused on anything. I don’t have to worry about extra striking or extra jujitsu or extra wrestling. You’ve just got to get your sword as sharp as you can get it and just go in there and swing the god damn thing. That’s a lot of fun to me.

“Behind all that flashy unpredictability and the spinning sh*t and just the craziness that he does, it’s just pressure. That’s all he’s doing, he’s just pressuring people, and that’s what I like to do,” Smith continued. “So, I feel like it would just be two hammers banging into each other. It would be a lot of fun. I feel like it would look like a really incredible game of bumper cars. You know, it’s just, you have to go in there and figure it out.”

Jiri Prochazka is the former RISING light heavyweight champion and has made good so far in his UFC career. In his debut, he knocked out Volkan Oezdemir and followed that up with a highlight-reel KO over Dominick Reyes. He will now serve as the backup for the title fight, but Smith says that is a fight he would like to have.

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