Colby Covington believes that Jorge Masvidal's cheating allegations post-UFC 272 against him have no credibility.

Colby Covington believes that Jorge Masvidal’s cheating allegations against him have no credibility. According to Covington, ‘Gamebred’ talk’s a big game but is unable to back it up.

While Masvidal vowed to leave Covington in ‘critical condition’ ahead of their UFC 272 encounter, the 37-year-old dropped a lopsided unanimous decision.

Covington believes it is Masvidal’s career that is currently in “critical condition.” ‘Chaos’ recently told Submission Radio:

“This is the same guy who said, ‘Oh I’m gonna leave Colby in critical condition on Monday. He might not make it.’ So, the only thing in critical condition right now is Jorge Masvidal’s career. It might not make it guys. It’s officially finished right now. We put the feather in the cap. So I don’t buy anything that guy says. He’s full of shit. He’s full of lies.”

Covington believes that he has gained the trust of UFC fans due to his brutally honest nature. He also defended his extreme trash talk, claiming it was justified coming from a guy who hurt people for a living.

Jorge Masvidal has now lost three in a row after consecutive title losses against Kamaru Usman. ‘Gamebred’ also reportedly signed a lucrative deal with the UFC ahead of his loss to Covington.

Meanwhile, ‘Chaos’ also has two losses against Usman and is unsure of a title shot despite being the number one contender. Covington recently issued multiple callouts to Dustin Poirier, who is contemplating a move up to welterweight.

Jorge Masvidal’s allegations against Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal suffered an eye poke in the opening round of his UFC 272 encounter against Colby Covington. In a tweet posted after their showdown, Masvidal labeled Covington a ‘cheat’, claiming ‘Chaos’ almost gouged his eyes out.

“The eye poke was pretty bad. The only thing that’s hurting right now is the f***ing eye. My eye is still throbbing right now. I’ve had a couple of mishaps [with] Herb Dean, I just don’t get why he didn’t fix the action. Threw a punch, missed, and immediately jabbed me in the f***ing eyeball.”

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