UFC news Colby Covington shared encouraging words for Aljamain Sterling

Colby Covington recently shared encouraging words for Aljamain Sterling after he made history by becoming the first bantamweight champion to successfully retain his title three times.

While speaking to MMA Fighting, Covington was asked what message he would give to Sterling if he asked him for advice. He mentioned that he would tell the bantamweight champion to continue doing what he’s doing and eventually fans will come around and give him the respect he deserves:

“I would just tell Aljo just keep being you…In due time, you know, people have no choice but to respect you. When you keep proving people wrong and just keep silencing them, that’s the best revenge. You know, success is the best revenge.” [17:50 – 18:01]

‘Chaos’ added that it will be hard to deny ‘Funk Master’ of his respect if he continued making history in the sport. He mentioned that he believes the bantamweight champion is doing a great job at the moment, saying:

“He’s just gotta keep doing his thing. He’s doing great things in the business, in the company. You know, he’s done making history in that division, the bantamweight division, so…I think he’s doing just fine, Mike, and he’s not really too worried about the haters right now. I think he’s worried about how his bank account looks.” [18:02 – 18:15]

Covington clearly holds Sterling in a high regard, which is much different than what he thinks of some of the top contenders competing in the welterweight division.

Check out the full video:

Colby Covington believes Gilbert Burns shouldn’t have fought at UFC 288

Colby Covington recently sounded off on why Gilbert Burns shouldn’t have accepted a fight with Belal Muhammad at UFC 288.

During the affromentioned interview, ‘Choas’ questioned why Burns was put in a situation where he had to cut weight for the third time in less than 6-months for what he believes is a false promise of earning a title shot. He mentioned that his manager deserves the blame for forcing him to step into the co-main event when he didn’t need to.

He said:

“Why did Gilbert [Burns] have to fight three fights in 5 months?…The guy just cut 100lbs in literally three training camps…I feel for Gilbert, man, he’s a family man and he got done dirty. He could’ve stayed in his position and potentially been the backup for me and Leon [Edwards].” [12:16 – 12:36]

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