UFC news: Incredible UFC Promo Video for Georges St-Pierre’s induction into the Hall of Fame

UFC news Incredible UFC Promo Video for Georges St-Pierre's induction into the Hall of Fame

In this article, you can see incredible UFC Promo Video for Georges St-Pierre’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

Georges St-Pierre will finally take an official place in the UFC Hall of Fame on Thursday.

The UFC has posted a promo on its social media channels to welcome the former welterweight and middleweight champion to the history books. The video demonstrated the Canadian’s phenomenal career in the organization.

Despite being a de-facto Hall of Famer in the UFC and MMA communities for quite some time, St-Pierre will officially be inducted into the list of legends at 7:30 PM (PT).

Georges St-Pierre’s former opponent, Michael Bisping, also commended ‘GSP’ for his fabled career and on his unrivaled run of nine consecutive welterweight title defenses, saying:

“The run that Georges went on was unreal, to be honest… the pressure that must come with that, being the champion for so long, constantly fighting the best guy in the world, the hungriest person, the number one contender.”

Georges St-Pierre will join the ‘modern-era wing’ of the UFC Hall of Fame. He will accompany previous inductees such as Michael Bisping, Ronda Rousey, B.J. Penn and Urijah Faber, among others.

The second constituent in the UFC Hall of Fame is the ‘pioneer wing.’ Trailblazers like Royce Gracie, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Chuck Lidell and Matt Hughes have been inducted previously.

Also watch how Kamaru Usman called out Georges St-Pierre back in February and St-Pierre commended him

Reigning UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman spoke about his aspirations to fight Georges St-Pierre. ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ commended St-Pierre on his legendary career and gave his thoughts on a possible fight for the future.

While speaking to TMZ Sports, Kamaru Usman said:

“Georges, when he left, everyone was like, ‘oh he’s the greatest of all time’. And he still has the ability to do this, so it’s not like I’m trying to call an old, washed-up guy and say, ‘hey let’s fight’…he can still do it! So if you want to do it, you gotta come see me…I respect the retirement because he’s done it all. He doesn’t need to come back for no reason.”

However, ” GSP ” stopped the chatter and clarified that he intends to remain retired.

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