UFC superstar Conor McGregor thinks one of his The Ultimate Fighter 31 pupils has what it takes to hold a world title

Conor McGregor Hypes Teammate & TUF 31 Fighter As A Future ‘World Champion’.

Conor McGregor’s second stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 31 has been a disappointing one. McGregor’s winless streak extended to 6-0 in the most recent episode of TUF, as the Irishman dropped to his knees after a highly-touted prospect from his team lost a fight that he was dominating.

Lee Hammond, who was recently labeled a future champion by McGregor, suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Kurt Hollobaugh. Initially, as the fight progressed, McGregor’s hopes of getting the first victory in the ongoing season soared, as Hammond released a relentless onslaught, showcasing precise ground-and-pound.

However, despite a commanding display, Hammond’s fortunes swiftly took a turn, as he succumbed to a devastating guillotine choke from Hollobaugh in the dying moments of the second round.

A visibly disappointed Conor McGregor, consoled Hammond in the cage, passionately affirming his unwavering faith in the young prospect’s fighting prowess. ‘The Notorious’ also acknowledged Hammond’s remarkable growth as a fighter:

“I thought Lee was the better fighter, he got caught but he was dominating the guy. he loves it, it’s his life. I’m very happy to see him grow and become the fighter he has become today.”

Having known each other for years, Conor McGregor and Hammond share a deep-rooted relationship that goes way back. Both fighters hail from Dublin 12 and train at the renowned Straight Blast Gym (SBG) facility in Ireland.

The former UFC two-division champion has keenly observed Hammond’s growth as a martial artist and takes immense pride in witnessing the formidable contender he has blossomed into today.

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