Very intense Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill fight in UFC Fight Night 224 main event (Highlights) - Check out the Pros react

UFC Fight Night 224: Mackenzie Dern defeats Angela Hill (Highlights)

Mackenzie Dern (12-3 MMA) will enter tonight’s main event looking to rebound, this after suffering a majority decision loss to Yan Xioanan in her most recent effort last October. Prior to that setback, the jiu-jitsu specialist was coming off a split decision win over Tecia Torres.

Meanwhile, Angela Hill (15-2 MMA) will take to the Octagon sporting a two-fight win streak, her most recent being a unanimous decision victory over Emily Ducote. ‘Overkill’ has gone 3-3 over her past six appearances overall.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 73 main event begins and Mackenzie Dern comes out throwing bombs. He immediately uses the forward pressure to force the clinch and lands a pair of good knees to the body. Angela Hill switches the position and pushes Dern up against the cage. Good knees from ‘Overkill’ now and she breaks free from the clinch. Dern with a big combination. She lands another. Hill desperately shoots for a takedown and gets it. Mackenzie scrambles back up to her feet. She lands a big right and Hill goes down. Dern immediately jumps on her and looks to take the back. Angela scrambles to avoid that position but remains on the bottom in half guard. Mackenzie Dern looks for a kneebar but then opts to let it go. She moves to full mount now and after some big punches, she drops down for an armbar. Big hammer fists from Dern. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 73 main event begins and Mackenzie Dern comes out firing once again in round two. She lands a combination and then a low kick. Angela Hill forces the clinch and now looks to take the back of the BJJ specialist. ‘Overkill’ looks to lock up a standing choke, but Dern is able to escape with relative ease. The strawweights continue to battle in the clinch. A good knee to the body from Hill. A big elbow in response from Dern. That forces Angela to let go of the clinch. Dern with another elbow and then a low kick. Hill closes the distance and forces another clinch. She pushes Mackenzie against the cage and begins to work her body. Mackenzie Dern appears to be slowing down a bit. She manages to break free from the clinch and now is coming forward with big punches. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 73 headliner begins and Angela Hill gets an early takedown. Mackenzie Dern looks to secure a triangle choke. She switches to an armbar but ‘Overkill’ escapes and opts to stand up. A big knee from Dern and Hill is rocked. She shoots for a takedown and gets it. Mackenzie quickly scrambles back to her feet and then lands a takedown of her own. Dern moves to full mount and begins to rain down some solid ground and pound. Hill working hard to try and escape but so far, she can’t shake the BJJ ace. Big shots from Mackenzie Dern. She moves to the back of ‘Overkill’ and continues to drop big shots. Back to full mount now and there is a full minute remaining in the round. Dern with another armbar attempt. She can’t get it locked in before the horn sounds to end round three.

The fourth round of the UFC Vegas 73 main event begins and Mackenzie Dern comes forward and lands a big flurry of punches. The fighters clinch against the cage. Back and forth with knees from the position. Dern eventually forces the break and lands a good flurry right away. ‘Overkill’ with a nice knee and then forces the clinch once again. Hill looks to take the back, but Dern rolls and winds up back in a good position. The fighters battle right to the horn.

The fifth and final round of the UFC Vegas 73 headliner begins and ladies are right back to the clinch position. Mackenzie Dern is able to get an early takedown and begins to work from full guard. This is probably the worst-case scenario from Hill right off the hop. Dern moves to side control and begins to rain down some punishment. She looks to move to back position but ends up settling with side control. Good shot from Mackenzie. She moves to the back now. Huge elbows from Dern as she slips back to full mount. She ends the fight on top laying down punishment. What a performance from Dern!

Official UFC Vegas 73 Results: Mackenzie Dern def. Angela Hill by unanimous decision (49-43, 49-44, 49-44)

Check out the top reactions on Twitter to the main event bout at the UFC Apex below:

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