Video - Alisha Lehmann just dances with defenders!

After not taking part in the recent Euro, the 24-year-old Bernese Alisha Lehmann celebrated her return to the Swiss team in this World Cup year.

Performing well on the field and undisputed queen of social networks with her 20 million followers, the Aston Villa striker clearly contributes to the promotion of her sport. Analysis of a phenomenon.

We can quibble all we want, assume with a touch of irony and even contempt that she is first a product of social networks before being a footballer, that her efficiency is much higher in her posts and videos than in front of the goal, and blah, blah.

Nevertheless, when Alisha Lehmann lifts a finger, the whole mediaphere gets excited and starts running. This was proven once again during the training camp that the Swiss women’s soccer team just completed in Estepona, near Marbella, on the Costa del Sol. Even the French website, one of the most important multimedia hubs in Europe, got into the act, wondering more provocatively than appropriately whether the Bernese woman was not too beautiful to play ball.

The kind of sexist and racist question that has the gift to irritate the striker born in Tägertschi (390 inhabitants), near Münsingen (BE). “Criticism is easy. Many people judge me through my behavior on the networks but have never watched a single minute of my sports performance. It’s not right,” says the Aston Villa right winger, who has nearly 7 million followers on TikTok and 12.1 million on Instagram.

Video: Alisha Lehmann just dances with defenders!

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