Video - Israel Adesanya has added to his tattoo collection in a big way

Israel Adesanya has added to his tattoo collection in a big way.

With a nickname like “The Last Stylebender,” it would honestly be a letdown if Adesanya did not attempt to have a modicum of modern style and fashion sense. Of course, this has been proven to not be a problem, as he is no stranger to arriving at press conferences dressed in extravagant clothing and fashionable outfits that usually tend to go perfectly with his outspoken personality.

Israel Adesanya Sports New Ink

Another major part of the style that Israel Adesanya has, comes from the many tattoos that don his body, covering almost the entirety of his torso and arms. These range from personal in nature, such as the words “broken native” around his collar, to less serious, like his anime-inspired artwork on his stomach and arm.

However, Adesanya recently decided to explore some new territory as far as his tattoos go, getting what appears to be a bird tattooed on his neck and Arabic writing on his face, just above his eye. He posted to Twitter recently, with a video documenting the process of the face tattoo, which translates to the Arabic word for dragon.

“The old version of you must die before you come alive! ?” Adesanya captioned.

Reading into this on a surface level, it seems like Israel Adesanya is writing a caption that speaks to him looking to rise from the ashes of defeat, following the loss of his UFC middleweight title to Alex Pereira, at UFC 281 in November.

Time will tell if he is able to capture some of this mythical energy to regain his belt or if his goals of becoming champ again are actually like a dragon – only existing in fantasy.

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