Video - Nick Diaz gets into heated altercation following Las Vegas car crash amidst brother Nate's legal trouble

Former UFC star Nate Diaz has been an ever-present in mainstream combat sports discussion recently owing to a pair of altercations in New Orleans.

While in attendance at the recent MF & DAZN X Series 6, Diaz was recorded launching a water bottle at Netflix star Chase DeMoor. The pair’s respective groups later clashed on Bourbon Street, where Diaz was seen choking out Logan Paul lookalike Rodney Peterson.

The Stockton native, who departed the UFC last year after fighting out his contract, subsequently handed himself in to police after the issuing of an arrest warrant on a charge of second-degree battery.

After posting bond, Diaz is set to make his first court appearance for a preliminary hearing on June 27. If found guilty, he’s facing up to eight years behind bars and a $2,000 fine.

As it turns out, though, Nate isn’t the only Diaz who was involved in a recent heated street altercation…

Nick Diaz Clashes With Rapper Following Road Accident

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While Nate may be facing trouble with the law following his recent role in the New Orleans street brawl, his older brother was also recorded in a spat of his own last week, albeit less serious and without physicality.

In footage posted to Instagram by @wolfnsheepzclothing, Nick Diaz can be seen engaging in a seemingly heated discussion with California-based recording artist Calibrii.

During the exchange, the singer-songwriter — who is listed as the victim of the crash in the caption — can be heard questioning what Diaz meant by asking, ‘Do you want some?’

The UFC star refuted saying that, insisting that he remarked, ‘What is it you want?’ In the comments section, the uploader claimed that Diaz did actually say the first version outside of the recorded footage.

In the brief clip, Diaz can later be heard asking the individual why he’s ‘making a big deal’ out of the situation, seemingly attempting to deescalate.

While Nate is currently battling his issues while gearing up for a return to combat sports in the form of a boxing match against Jake Paul, Nick remains under contract with the UFC and without a current matchup in his sights.

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