Video of Bri Teresi shooting at Bud Light cans leaves the internet astonished

Bri Teresi, an Instagram model and influencer, posted a video on April 25, where she recorded herself shooting Bud Light cans and bras from the high-end lingerie brand Honey Birdette. The video has since gone viral in the wake of a nationwide Bud Light unrest.

Bri, a supporter of Donald Trump, uploaded a video on Instagram on Tuesday, April 25, where she activated her inner Kid Rock energy and aimed at a couple of Bud Light cans. At the beginning of the video, Bri said:

“Go woke, go broke.”

She included the slogan in the caption as well, with all caps to emphasize her stance. Bri then wrote that she was shooting at Bud Light, Tampax tampons, and lingerie from Honey Birdette. She added that all these companies have gone woke and further explained that Tampax had featured a biological male to advertise their tampons.

In the video, the influencer was wearing light denim shorts and a bra with the flag of the United States printed on it. A separate flag was also there right next to her. The video went viral on Twitter and garnered the attention of netizens. One Twitter user @KelvinJPersonMe sarcastically called Bri a “MAGA Barbie.”

Netizens react to Bri Teresi shooting at Bud Light cans

In an Instagram message exchange between Bri Teresi and Outkick, the influencer told the outlet that she was shooting at paint-filled balloons that were placed above a row of bras from the lingerie brand. Bri also said that her neighbors donated her their Bud Light cans because they no longer want them, so she shot at them to send a message to the company.

Bri shared the video on Twitter as well. A few conservatives, who were against these companies, praised the model for expressing her protest. Others ridiculed her for buying Bud Light beer from Anheuser-Busch, ironically contradicting what she was standing for.

Bri Teresi was also mocked for her rifle shooting skills and technique. Many pointed out how she did not know how to hold a rifle, and some joked that it was fun for them to watch someone shoot for the first time. Several people called her out for not being original, as Kid Rock had already pulled this stunt by shooting Bud Light cans.

Some were also tired of people still dragging the Bud Light controversy and were reluctant to let this go. Many asked how any of these have affected the protestors’ lives for them to go to this extent.

Bri Teresi cut ties with the lingerie brand Honey Birdette

The Instagram model and influencer also quit the lingerie company Honey Birdette after it hired a biological male model, Jake DuPree, to promote its lingerie sets. Teresi said that an actual woman was robbed of an opportunity because of a “deluded diversity handout.”

Jake DuPree identifies as non-binary. They posed in Honey Birdette’s latest three-piece lingerie set, and the photo was posted on the brand’s Instagram page. The post noted that featuring Jake in women’s underwear was part of the brand’s effort to promote the LGBTQ community and inclusivity.

The company has been vocal about continuing to support and empower the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who wishes to feel confident and fabulous in its line of lingerie.

Bri Teresi, who had previously modeled for the lingerie brand, addressed Honey Birdette and said it was sad to see the brand joining the “woke bandwagon.” She added that it was yet another thing that men have taken over.

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