Video - Security guards took a drunk Tyson Fury out of the bar

Tyson Fury was reportedly kicked out of a bar in his hometown of Morecambe, where he appeared drunk. 

The incident comes following Fury’s defeat to Oleksandr Usyk. The Gypsy King suffered a split decision loss as Usyk became the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. It was the first loss of Fury’s career, as he suffered extensive damage. He was almost knocked out in round nine, only for the referee to spare him with a standing eight count. Fury’s post-fight comments also showed that the defeat had impacted him.

He alleged that Usyk only won due to the war in Ukraine. Tyson Fury also wished everyone a Happy New Year when it was May, showing he was suffering from concussion. Although Fury is known for having a strong mindset, his struggles with mental health have shown he can balloon up in between camps and not have the discipline.

The following video shows two members of security escorting Tyson Fury out of the bar. He can then be seen on his knees. It is claimed Tyson Fury was partying with friends and fans before being asked to leave after becoming intoxicated. While Fury’s actions will receive backlash, DJ Scott Shearing defended the boxer.

Tyson Fury’s Drunken Incident

“Lots of people with plenty to say…I get he is a public figure but he is only human.I take my hat off to him as everywhere he goes people ask him for photos when he’s just out like everyone else to relax and unwind he always obliges. He was in the Strawbs Fri for a good few hours and they were all singing and keeping to themselves. 

“Money and fame can bring its own problems when the temptation for excess of anything is there and available, be it buying fancy cars, houses or going out drinking it must be hard to cope with mentally. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t turn it down but your every move is in the spotlight. He has his own demons with mental health and all that goes along with it but let’s show the man some respect for his achievements and love of Morecambe. We should have a statue on the prom celebrating him not putting him down at every opportunity,” DJ Scott Shearing said 

Tyson Fury’s Future

Nevertheless, this does not bode well for the future. Fury has exercised his rematch clause for December 21. The first fight showed that Fury struggled to keep up the pace, as he suffered at the back end of the fight. Heading into the fight, Fury was in his best possible condition. He had been training since the Francis Ngannou win, showing he could not have done anything more to improve physically.

But by not keeping himself disciplined outside of the ring, he risks getting beaten again, this time much worse. Since Usyk is known for being one of the most disciplined boxers, Fury already has his work cut out. He must rally around his team so they can get him in the best possible shape to come back stronger for the rematch. But based on the current incident, things are not looking good. 


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