WWE star says Mandy Rose is 'in a class of her own'

WWE Hall of Famer & current NXT commentator Booker T recently heaped praise on the NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose.

Since her return to NXT in July 2021, God’s Greatest Creation has dominated the brand’s women’s division alongside her Toxic Attraction partners, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

The 32-year-old captured the NXT Women’s Championship in August 2021 and has held it since. Her reign has now exceeded 400 days.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T named his five favorite NXT stars this week. The 6-time world champion did not include Rose on his list. Instead, he stated that she is “in a class of her own.”

“Mandy Rose, she’s in a class of her own man. Mandy is in a class of her own. It’s not that I don’t wanna put Mandy in the favorite five, of course. She’s high on the list, you know what I mean. I’m thinking about making a different wing for Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction man because like I said before, that’s the only candy your mother wants you to have dog. I’m serious,” he said. [1:17:42- 1:18:09]

A WWE star recently called Mandy Rose a “hottie biscotti” and said his wife agrees.

Booker T believes Mandy Rose is ready to rejoin the WWE main roster

After spending about two years in developmental, Mandy Rose debuted on the WWE main roster in 2017 as part of Absolution. The current leader of Toxic Attraction had a four-year run on Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown before returning to NXT last year.

During a previous episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T disclosed that he believes Rose is ready to return to the main roster.

“Being in the PC is one thing, okay, being in front of that crowd is one thing but when you move out of that, you move into these arenas where it’s 20-30-50 thousand people, your confidence level gotta be to the roof as far as knowing that you can go out there and deliver. (…) So these 400 days have definitely put her in a comfort zone to where now she feels like, ‘okay, I’m ready. I’m ready to go try.’ And the thing is, try and try till you succeed. So I say yeah, go back and give it another run,” he explained. [1:20:19 – 1:20:50]

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently detailed why Mandy Rose’s move to NXT saved her career.

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