Sean Strickland blasts Paulo Costa for his contract dispute with the UFC

UFC fighter Sean Strickland has hit out at Paulo Costa for the way in which he’s handled his recent contract dispute.

The eccentric nature of Paulo Costa has been there for all to see for many years now. In recent months, especially, he’s gone out of his way to make waves.

The latest way in which he’s done that is through his public dispute with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s believed to be based on his contract, with nobody really knowing the official ins and outs other than the parties involved.

He was reportedly scheduled to take on Robert Whittaker at UFC 284 in Australia, but that wound up falling through.

“Here’s the thing about Costa, and I like Costa, but he is also a f*ckhead,” Strickland said. “He doesn’t make weight, he’s an idiot, so it’s like, when you’re a f*ckhead and you go to the UFC and you say, ‘Hey, I want to do this’ – I almost fought Marvin Vettori on a two-day notice because his b*tch ass wouldn’t make weight. So it’s hard when you don’t do the right things, it’s hard to get the right things back.”


He continued, “You don’t act like a professional, you don’t get treated like a professional.”

Strickland will return to action this weekend in a short notice main event. In the future, though, who knows – perhaps these two warriors will end up squaring off in the Octagon.

Sean Strickland, a divisional rival, had the following to say on the Brazilian in a recent interview.

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