Angela Lee breaks down potential clash against Rose Namajunas

ONE women’s atomweight champion Angela Lee believes UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas has holes in her game that she can use to her advantage if the two ever lock horns.

Angela Lee breaks down potential clash against Rose Namajunas

Angela Lee recently appeared in an interview with Sportskeeda’s John Hyon Ko. During the conversation, the age-old topic of a promotional cross-over of sorts came up. The inter-promotional champions vs champions fantasy has been a burning fire in the hearts of fight fans for a long time now.

With ONE championship becoming the home of MMA in Asia, and a platform with some of the best fighters from across the globe, a UFC vs ONE event will attract the interest of every single MMA fan in the world.

Angela Lee shared that if it were up to the fighters, such an event would have taken place a long time ago. However, these decisions are made by the higher-ups, without a lot of fighters’ say in the matter. Yet Angela Lee did still entertain the possibility of a matchup with ‘Thug’ Rose Namajunas. She said:

“Well, you know, Rose, she definitely has a lot of strength and things that I admire about her. But, I do see a couple weaknesses as well. I think her weaknesses is where I would strive and I would try to definitely take advantage of that. And I think it would be a really, really fun matchup. It’s one that will leave you guys wanting more because everyone wants to see that happening, you know? Not just in MMA, but in everything around the world, you want to see the best fight the best, and hopefully, we’ll get to have that one day.”

Angela Lee points to the weakness in Rose Namajunas’ game that she believes she can exploit

Carrying on the conversation about a mega-fight with Rose Namajunas, Angela Lee said:

“Her striking is super technical and I know that she has rounded off her skillset a lot since I’ve seen her fight on The Ultimate Fighter, but I do feel like, where I would like to expose her the most is that transition from the takedown to the ground. Obviously, me, I love my submissions and I think that’s where I see me exposing her.”

Angela Lee has definitely proven her submission game to be lethal. She holds a professional MMA record of 10-2-0. Out of the ten wins she holds, seven came by way of submission. She pressurizes her opponents with constant attempts and flurries on the ground.

On the other hand, Rose Namajunas holds very sound technical expertise when it comes to striking. Her BJJ also makes her a dangerous opponent on the ground. Furthermore, Angela has only fought twice in the 125-pound division in her professional career. Her strawweight appearances are the only losses she has faced on the canvas.

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