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‘Big’ John McCarthy says ‘contracts have been signed’ as he lauds Jake Paul for fighting Anderson Silva

'Big' John McCarthy says 'contracts have been signed' as he lauds Jake Paul for fighting Anderson Silva

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva isn’t officially announced yet, but just the suggestion that ‘The Problem Child’ and ‘The Spider’ may box is generating a lot of attention and excitement online.

Anderson Silva would come into a boxing match against Paul with a 3-1 pro boxing record and 1-0 exhibition record. In 2021 he defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by decision, and then followed that feat up by knocking out Tito Ortiz in the first round.

2022 saw him dominate Bruno Machado in Abu Dhabi on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather event.

Even ‘Big’ John McCarthy, who is not a Paul fan, is prepared to pay money to see him box Silva.

In a new episode of Weighing In, McCarthy said he’d heard that “contracts have been signed” for the middleweight boxing match on October 29th. He added:

“This is the fight that I always wanted to see. You take on Anderson Silva in this, this is a guy that’s older by a lot, by double, but let’s be honest: size wise, he’s definitely your size. Skill wise, he’s the most skilled fighter you’ve ever taken on. Let’s see what happens because I’m interested, I will watch this fight, I will pay to watch this fight … and it’s a Jake Paul fight. I don’t care, and it’s because he’s fighting Anderson Silva.”

Watch John McCarthy discuss Paul vs. Silva below:

Dana White reacts to Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva rumors

Dana White is another man who is definitely not a fan of ‘The Problem Child,’ yet he couldn’t help but react to the news that Paul may box Anderson Silva in his next bout. Following the latest Contender Series event, White said:

“I don’t give a s*** about [Jake Paul], but if he’s really fighting Anderson Silva, if that’s true, it’s about time. He’s got a real fight on his hands there, regardless of how old Anderson is. Yeah, that’s a real fight.”

White then tried to shut the assembled media down after they continued to ask him about Paul.

“Stop asking me about Jake Paul, you guys. I don’t give a s*** what Jake Paul does. I know you love this s***, but come on, this guy has nothing to do with my business. He doesn’t fight for me, he’s not even in the same f***ing sport as me. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. I don’t care.”

Watch Dana White demand people stop asking him about Paul:

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