Boxing news: Jake Paul responded to Dana White’s rant about Anderson Silva with a counteroffer.

Boxing news Jake Paul responded to Dana White's rant about Anderson Silva with a counteroffer.

Jake Paul got wind of Dana White’s press conference on Tuesday and gave a response to the UFC president.

Boxing news: Jake Paul responded to Dana White's rant about Anderson Silva with a counteroffer.

Jake Paul, a boxer-turned-YouTube sensation, was once again the target of White’s verbal scorn after the Dana White Challenger Series event this week.

White said he doesn’t think Paul will have a boxing match with former UFC champion Anderson Silva, who has won a pair of widely publicized boxing victories over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz since parting ways with the promotion.

“I f*cking guarantee you this: You ain’t gonna see Jake Paul calling Anderson Silva out. That I f*cking promise you,” White said. “(Silva is) his size, and he’s actually good. He’s old, which is what Jake Paul likes to fight old guys. He likes to fight old guys that are too small and that are absolutely, positively washed up.”

The push for Paul vs. Silva came adjacent to White essentially putting the kibosh on any possibility of Jorge Masvidal being lent out of his UFC contract for a boxing bout. Paul has been feuding with “Gamebred” in the media, going back to the days prior to his August win over Tyron Woodley, and both said they would like the grudge match to happen.

Jake Paul seems to still be fixated on Masvidal, and after White’s comments, he made a counter-offer so that the fight would end successfully :

“Anderson’s out … JAKE JAKE JAKE..” I want your star talent. Your “in their prime” strikers so I can exploit their lack of Boxing ability. So let’s do this Me vs. Jorge Masvidal and Amanda Serrano vs. Amanda Nunes… If we win, you let any of your fighters fight me going forward. If we lose, I leave you and your exploitive business along. DANA…DANA….DANA?”

Dana White didn’t seem interested in letting Masvidal fight Paul when he briefly touched on the topic. Most likely, this should be a joint promotion with Showtime, which White has spoken negatively about since he began collaborating with them for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor’s boxing match.

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