Boxing news: Jake Paul told when fight against Canelo Alvarez may take place

Boxing news Jake Paul told when fight against Canelo Alvarez may take place

Jake Paul has always been vocal about wanting to fight Saul Canelo Alvarez in the future. Right now, though, ‘The Problem Child’ appears to have a timeline in mind.

Appearing as a guest on the latest episode of the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast, Paul revealed when he intends to fight Canelo. The YouTube star-turned-professional boxer said:

“I tweeted like my bucket list. It was like Mike Tyson is probably up there. I think that would be the coolest thing in the world. And then I think Canelo is on there. And I think that could happen towards the end of my career when I’m in sort of at my peak physical condition and have all the experience under my belt.”

The 24-year-old rose to combat sports prominence by knocking out crossover athletes. Retired NBA player Nate Robinson, former Bellator champion Ben Askren and ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley all suffered devastating KO losses to ‘The Problem Child.’

Despite his popularity, Paul’s resume has been heavily criticized as he’s never fought an opponent who’s a boxer by trade. The internet sensation believes fighting the likes of Canelo and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. would silence his detractors once and for all.

Boxing news: Jake Paul told  when fight against Canelo Alvarez may take place

Jake Paul talks about a potential Canelo Alvarez fight (1 hour, 13 minutes):

Jake Paul claims he’ll do a better job than Avni Yildirim against Canelo Alvarez

Not only does Jake Paul think fighting Saul Canelo Alvarez is a good idea, he believes he’d do better than some of the Mexican’s previous opponents. Paul mentioned Turkish boxer Avni Yildirim as someone he could outperform in a showdown against Canelo.

Paul stated:

“I think (fighting Canelo) is a great idea. I think it’s probably one of the best ideas in boxing right now. I see this Yildrim guy and I bring up this example a lot. The Turkish warrior who goes in there and fights Canelo for like three rounds, doesn’t throw a single punch and then quits in the corner.”

The YouTube star added:

“And he’s a world champion or whatever. But no, what he is, is someone who choked under the spotlight and couldn’t perform. I’m built for the spotlight and I’m most certainly more powerful, faster and will be in better condition and have had the spotlight in my entire life more so than Yildrim in all those categories. So I know I can do better than that guy for sure.”

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