Colby Covington reacts to Kamaru Usman’s win over Jorge Masvidal

The first number of the UFC welterweight rankings, Colby Covington, was absolutely expected to be almost the only person who was not impressed by the next victory of Kamaru Usman, who knocked out Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 in Jacksonville.

Colby Covington reacts to Kamaru Usman's win over Jorge Masvidal

“It took him eight minutes longer to finish off Jorge Masvidal than it did me when we were training,” Covington told ESPN after the UFC 261 tournament. How many defeats does he have, 15-20 in the record? Do not rejoice and praise yourself for such a victory over the journeyman, traitor, street Judas and idler. Even if I lose the next 12 fights, I will still have a better record than Masvidal”

Colby Covington sees nothing surprising in the fact that Masvidal, who was afraid of a transfer, missed a shot in the rack.

“I definitely knew there was such a possibility because Usman threatened him with takedowns. Masvidal was afraid of transfers, worried about it, because he did not want to be exhausted in the stalls. So, he was concentrating on not letting himself get translated, and then boom, a forehand came in. His hands were down, he was trying to protect himself from the passage, and I knew that such an outcome was possible”

In December 2019, Colby Covington lost to Kamar Usman by technical knockout in the fifth round in a competitive match, and “Chaos” has no doubt that he will be able to take revenge on the UFC champion in the second match.

“When we fight Marty again, stylistically it will be a completely different fight. He knows he can’t transfer me, and I’m going to drag him down to the bottom and finish him off. He will no longer be able to simulate fake ball strikes. Now I have new coaches and a new team, and before I was hampered by the drama in the old gym. People were fighting with me and I couldn’t really train, but now I’m getting better every day. My punch has gone to a new level, and next time I’m going to increase the pace of the fight. I didn’t put enough pace on him last time, and I have no doubt that when we fight again, my hand will be raised”

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