Paddy Pimblett vs Conor McGregor at UFC

Paddy Pimblett is confident he would beat Conor McGregor if the pair ever fought in the UFC, with former middleweight champion Michael Bisping predicting the potential bout would be “gigantic”.

Paddy Pimblett has admitted his “dream fight” would be a clash with Conor McGregor and ‘The Baddy’ is confident he would “put him on his back and submit him”.

Pimblett made his UFC debut back in 2021 and is on a five-fight winning streak, having beaten former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson by decision in his most recent bout at UFC 296.

McGregor, meanwhile, is gearing up for his comeback against Michael Chandler, having suffered a serious leg injury in his last fight against Dusting Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021. However, Pimblett would also be interested in welcoming McGregor back to the octagon.

When asked who his dream fight would be in an appearance on the Disruptors podcast, Pimblett replied: “Someone in Anfield. A dream fight, probably Conor lad because you’ll get paid more than anyone else fighting him.

“So, I would probably have to say him. Anything can happen, lad, you know what I mean? So. Obviously, he’s a sniper. I would put him on his back and submit him. They might [want that fight], we’ll see in the future. You never know.”

And former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes a potential clash between Pimblett and McGregor would be “gigantic”. Speaking to Betway earlier this year, Bisping said: “Paddy Pimblett vs Conor McGregor would be a very, very big fight, but I don’t think that would interest Conor McGregor at all because Paddy’s the new kid on the block.

“McGregor is the pay-per-view king, the biggest star the sport has ever seen and I don’t think taking on someone like Paddy Pimblett does anything for Conor McGregor. It’s a massive opportunity for Paddy, I think it would do gigantic numbers, simply because anything Conor does, does big numbers.

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“Nothing against Paddy but I just don’t think Conor McGregor is sitting down with his management. I don’t think that’s the type of fight they’re looking for and that would certainly have to be 155. I don’t think Conor’s coming down to 155 anytime soon.

“Paddy needs to work on his conditioning because. We know Tony Ferguson is damaged goods, and I’m not taking nothing away from Paddy’s victory, Tony is still a tough man to beat. But Paddy got really, really tired. Paddy got the job done, nobody thought Tony won that fight.

“He should be proud of himself. He had to overcome psychological demons, he had to get over nerves, he had to get over everybody turning on him and talking rubbish about him, and I thought he was very humble on the microphone after the fight and he put up a good performance, but he needs to sort out his conditioning.

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