Fans support former UFC champion Mark Coleman, who is fighting for his life after saving his family and dog from a house fire

Fans recently reacted and are rallying behind Mark Coleman after he heroically saved his family from a house fire.

The former UFC heavyweight champion has been an inspirational follow on social media as he has shared his progress with his sobriety and attempts to promote a healthier lifestyle. MMA Orbit took to X to report what transpired and noted that ‘The Hammer’ had been sleeping when he was alerted by his dog of the house fire.

Coleman saved both his parents, but returned in order to save his dog and was then airlifted to the hospital as a result of the smoke from the blaze. MMA Orbit wrote:

“UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman was involved in a house fire last night where he saved his father and mother from the blaze. He went back in to save his dog who woke him up, first alerting him of the fire. Coleman passed out in the house whilst saving his dog and was airlifted to hospital after suffering extreme smoke inhalation.”

MMA Orbit's tweet regarding Coleman [Image courtesy: @mma_orbit - X]

MMA Orbit’s tweet regarding Coleman [Image courtesy: @mma_orbit – X]

The tweet caught the attention of the MMA community and they took to the comments to share their well wishes for the former UFC heavyweight champion. Fans mentioned that Coleman displayed a heroic action and that they will pray that he pulls through this and has a speedy recovery. They wrote:

“What a hero”

“God willing he’ll be fine. The fact he saved his parents and went back in for the dog shows what kind of man Mark Coleman is, nothing but absolute respect for the man.”

“Oh damn that’s tough. Sending Mark and his family strength and love.”

MMA Orbit's tweet regarding Mark Coleman [Image courtesy: @mma_orbit]
MMA Orbit’s tweet regarding Mark Coleman [Image courtesy: @mma_orbit]

The status of whether the dog survived is unknown at the moment, but fortunately the UFC Hall of Famer was able to rescue his parents. We here at Sportskeeda MMA join fans in sharing our thoughts and prayers to

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