Cory Sandhagen has given his prediction of a potential bantamweight title clash between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo

Despite the doubts, Cory Sandhagen has given his prediction of a potential bantamweight title clash between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo, insisting that the two will cancel each other out, ultimately forcing a kickboxing affair.

‘Funk Master’ has urged ‘Triple C’ to wait a while longer as he hopes to recover from a torn bicep and ultimately wants time away from competing to make sure he’s a hundred per cent. Confusion is surrounding the weight class and the UFC could well opt to book a different matchup for an interim 135lb strap.

During a recent interview, Cory Sandhagen stated that he expects Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo’s proposed bout to take place mostly on the feet, as the pair will likely prevent one another from implementing a wrestling game plan.

“I think because Sterling is so much bigger, or going to be so much bigger than Cejudo, I think that Sterling will likely take it. I think that the wrestling is going to cancel each other out, I think that it’s going to be a kickboxing fight, more or less.

“Sterling will definitely try to take his back, but I don’t really see Cejudo giving his back to him. I think that it’s just going to be a kickboxing fight where Sterling is going to be a lot bigger and a lot funkier, and that’s going to be hard for Cejudo to deal with.”

Although he is an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, Henry Cejudo has developed his striking inside the cage over the years and was a real threat on the feet before his premature retirement in 2020.

Check out what Cory Sandhagen had to say about the potential bantamweight title fight in the video below.

With Aljamain Sterling’s rumored absence, what’s next for the bantamweight title scene?

Although Sterling has stated that he’s not ready to return to action for a few months, the UFC has a choice to make: either wait until the champion is prepared or book somebody else in his place.

There is no shortage of top contenders in 135lbs, and alongside Cory Sandhagen and his upcoming opponent Marlon Vera, the promotion can choose to insert fan-favorite Sean O’Malley into the title picture.

‘Sugar’ has been angling for a shot at gold for some time, and as he is now ranked #1 in the division, there is no excuse not to make him one-half of an interim championship bout if Aljamain Sterling isn’t ready to compete.

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