Daniel Cormier and blogger Jake Paul clash at UFC 261

The UFC security service had to separate the former UFC champion in two weight categories, Daniel Cormier, and the popular video blogger Jake Paul, whose meeting at the UFC 261 tournament almost ended in a fight near the octagon.

Daniel Cormier online “Imma Smack Jake Paul when I see him” Daniel Cormier in person” – Jack Paul tweeted, posting a video of the incident.

Daniel Cormier, who was acting commentator at the number event in Jacksonville, told Joe Rogan live what happened between them in the audience.

“I just saw Jake Paul, Joe,” DC reported. “I pointed at him and said,’ Don’t play games with me,’ because I could really punch him in the face. He’s not far away now, and I can give him a bream if he keeps it up. I’m not going to play these games”

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