Drew Dober shared his plan for a fight with Islam Makhachev.

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American mixed martial arts fighter Drew Dober shared his expectations from the upcoming fight with Russian Islam Makhachev. According to Drew, he is ready to confront his opponent’s wrestling skills and is confident that at some point he will deliver a knockout blow.

Drew Dober shared his plan for a fight with Islam Makhachev.

“In all honesty, I think he is a hard person to find a fight for,” Drew Dober told BJ Penn.com. “Not a lot of people want to fight Islam. He has all that hype around him. He has been on my radar since 2017. I’ve been eager to compete with him. They were looking for a fight for Islam and I raised my hand, that I would definitely fight him. It is a great matchup.”

“Absolutely. You can’t completely avoid a takedown,” Drew Dober explained. “It will be a wrestling match with punches, I know I will be on my back at some point. I’m fully prepared for this fight to be a grappling match and I can’t avoid that.

“I’m just trying to make his life uncomfortable for the 15 minutes we are in there. Whether it is with my hands or feet, or my wrestling or my jiu-jitsu, my goal is to make him comfortable and make him make a mistake.”

“Honestly, I love getting the knockout wins for everyone so that is Plan A,” Drew Dober added. “I see myself finding his chin.”

Recall that the fight between Islam Makhachev and Drew Dober will take place on March 6 at the UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas, USA as part of the UFC 259.

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