Fans react to Marlon Vera's house getting robbed during UFC 299 event

Marlon Vera’s weekend took a turn for the worse after the UFC 299 main event.

Marlon Vera fell short in his title fight against Sean O’Malley, enduring a dominant performance from the champion. However, his misfortunes extended beyond the octagon.

Taking to social media, Marlon Vera revealed his house had been broken into while he was competing in Miami. A photo showing a damaged front door.

“The context is last night there was a robbery, They broke into our house. Though they are material things, they are things that have been bought with a lot of effort and hard work. But hey, these types of things happen and the truth is tonight will be a good one.” [H/t: LowKickMMA]

Fans reacted with concern. Some highlighted the unfortunate timing, stating:

“That thief lucky Chito wasn’t home”

Others questioned the potential role of UFC’s promotional videos disclosing the fighter’s location:

“This is UFC Embeddeds fault, showing the literal outside of his home for no reason at all..”

Others empathized with the unfortunate incident, highlighting the risks associated with athletes’ publicized whereabouts, citing similar incidents involving other fighters like Ciryl Gane:

“What a horrible week it’s been for Chito”

“First Gane now Chito. Shit ain’t right.”

Check out some of the fans’ reactions below:

Fans react to Marlon Vera's house getting robbed on UFC 299 fight night.

Fans react to Marlon Vera’s house getting robbed on UFC 299 fight night.

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