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Israel Adesanya’s coach Eugene Bareman says there’s a ‘massive problem’ with fighters not making weight

Israel Adesanya's coach Eugene Bareman says there's a 'massive problem' with fighters not making weight

Israel Adesanya’s coach Eugene Bareman recently addressed UFC fighters missing weight in the aftermatch of UFC 277.

Eugene Bareman’s student, Mike Mathetha, competed on the pay-per-view card against Orion Cosce. Cosce missed weight by two-and-a-half pounds as he weighed in at 172.5lbs ahead of the event. ‘Blood Diamond’ eventually lost a decision in that fight.

Bareman believes Cosce shouldn’t get his due credit as he cheated by not making the weight limit. While speaking in a recent interview with Combat TV, here’s what the trainer of the City Kickboxing Academy had to say:

“That’s part of the reason why I’m not really gonna talk too much about that fight to be honest. You could give the guy a lot of credit. But he cheated. He gets none of that. Unfortunately, nothing will really get done about this, but it’s a continual problem that has to be addressed.

“Probably just too much money on the line for it to be addressed properly. Fighters not making weight, not enough incentive for them to make weight and blatantly cheating is a massive problem in the sport.”

He went on to add that fighters push themselves to the absolute limit to lose the last few pounds to make weight. When a fighter misses weight, he gets an advantage over his opponent.

However, not even in a fighter’s record, it gets mentioned when someone misses weight. Bareman believes it’s cheating and stated that someone might use steroids and cover it up as well.

“The records just get done. There’s no mention on the record of the guy missing weight. It just disappears into the universe. It’s just basically cheating. You might as well be using steroids and just covering it up.”

Watch Israel Adesanya’s coach Eugene Bareman talk on this issue:

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