Jake Paul has sent a warning to Mike Tyson ahead of their July 20

Jake Paul has sent a warning to Mike Tyson ahead of their July 20 fight live on Netflix.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are set to box in a pro bout, after the Texas Commission sanctioned it as such. It’s an intriguing matchup, and going into the bout, Paul is the betting favorite and he’s confident he will put the former heavyweight champion on the canvas.

“They’re just going to say, ‘He’s old and you disrespected him,’ and all that s—,” Paul said on his YouTube channel. “But I just want to make it clear: Mike Tyson was the one who wanted it to be a pro fight. Mike got into training camp and called up people on my team and were like, ‘Let’s do a pro fight, is Jake down?’” Netflix was like, ‘Let’s make it a pro fight, we’re down.’

“And I said to [MVP co-owner] Nakisa [Bidarian], ‘If that’s what Mike wants, that’s fine. But make sure you tell Mike that there’s no holding back. Whatever happens, happens and this is war now and if Mike’s okay with that, then I’m okay with that but I want Mike to be the one making this decision.’ I’m going in there, and now it’s a pro fight, it’s on my record, I’m going to f—ing put him down. And if people are pissed about it, then watch soccer,” Paul continued.

If Paul does KO Tyson it would be a statement-making performance from him. However, some fans are still worried about the fight due to the age gap between the two.

Jake Paul The Favorite Over Mike Tyson

After it was revealed the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson would be a pro fight, betting odds for the bout were revealed for the fight.

Paul is currently a -180 favorite while Tyson is a +135 underdog. At -180, that implies a 64.3% chance of winning the fight.

Jake Paul enters the bout with a pro record of 9-1 and is coming off back-to-back first-round knockouts over Ryan Bourland and Andre August.

Mike Tyson, meanwhile, is 50-6 and two NC’s in his pro career, but he hasn’t fought professionally since Kevin McBride. He did box Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match in November of 2020.

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