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Kamaru Usman describes his emotions when his brother Mohammed Usman fights

Kamaru Usman describes his emotions when his brother Mohammed Usman fights

Kamaru Usman‘s younger brother Mohammed Usman won The Ultimate Fighter season 31 heavyweight tournament at UFC Vegas 59, beating Zac Pauga via vicious knockout. With that win, Kamaru and Mohammed Usman became the first brothers in TUF history to both win the competition.

When asked whether he was more nervous fighting or watching his brother fight, Kamaru Usman told BT Sport:

“I’m more nervous because I don’t have control of what’s going on in there. I wish it was like a game where I could control him, but he has his own feelings and emotions and he sees what he sees. So I couldn’t control that. I’m always more nervous watching my loved ones compete, but it was an exciting moment. He’s been working at this for a little bit now, and he still has a long way to go … I can’t wait to see what he can do in this sport. I love the fact that he was able to get through that show, and winning it in style. I love it.”

Mohammed Usman was fighting an uphill battle coming into the TUF finale, with sportsbooks having him a +240 underdog to -300 favorite Zac Pauga. That didn’t stop the younger Usman brother from knocking Pauga out with a lightning fast left hook counter early in the second round.

The knockout upgrades Mohammed Usman to 8-2 and gives him some hype as he joins the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Mohammed Usman is looking to be known as more than just Kamaru Usman’s brother

While Mohammed Usman has said he loves being associated with his welterweight champion brother, he’s also looking to make a name for himself now that he’s signed to the UFC. Following his win at UFC Vegas 59, Usman said:

“My brother’s already did what he needed to – he’s already did more than I could ever dream of in this sport. So I’m just blazing my own path, I’m just taking it a day at a time and blazing my own path. It feels like it’s the start of my journey. It’s day one, so this is my first day on the job in the UFC. Now I can put the UFC stuff on and feel accomplished.”

Mohammed Usman and Kamaru Usman don’t train together regularly. Kamaru works with Trevor Wittman out of ONX Sports, while Mohammed trains at Fortis MMA, home to other UFC fighters like Ryan Spann, Alex Morono, and Diego Ferreira.

Kamaru Usman was still in his brother’s corner for his Ultimate Fighter finale fight at UFC Vegas 59 and was extremely happy to see him win.

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