Max Holloway wants Mark Coleman to present the BMF title at UFC 300 after veteran survives near-fatal fire accident

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has suggested that Mark Coleman present the BMF title to the winner of his upcoming fight. Holloway will face former interim UFC lightweight champion and current BMF champion Justin Gaethje for the BMF title in a lightweight bout at UFC 300 on April 13, 2024.

There have been just two matchups featuring the symbolic BMF title thus far. The first one witnessed Jorge Masvidal beat Nate Diaz via third-round TKO in November 2019. WWE icon and Hollywood megastar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the special guest, who wrapped the belt around Masvidal after the match.

Following Masvidal’s retirement announcement in 2023, Justin Gaethje captured the vacant BMF title. ‘The Highlight’ beat Dustin Poirier by a second-round KO in their rematch in July 2023. Gaethje was presented the BMF title by Masvidal, the guest of honor for the matchup.

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Max Holloway was asked whether he wants a particular individual to present the BMF title to him if he wins it at UFC 300. Holloway responded by expressing his respect for UFC and Pride FC icon Mark Coleman . Noting that it’d be an honor if ‘The Hammer’ wraps the BMF belt around him, ‘Blessed’ stated:

“The only correct answer is Mark Coleman, man, especially with what he went through recently, with his dog, and his dog waking up, and his dog waking him up to go save his stuff. And he go in there and run for his dog. Guy’s a ‘G,’ bro. That’s a real-life BMF. So, I mean, that’s the only right answer, man.”

He added:

“I think they [UFC] used him in that little promo video, too, right? Facing off with ‘DC’ [Daniel Cormier], right? Yeah? That picture? Yeah, they did. So, maybe that’s a hint. Maybe, he comes. Would be sick if he did it. It would be an honor to get him to do it.”

Check out Holloway’s comments below (9:05):

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