MMA news ​: Henry Cejudo supports Jake Paul movement against Dana White And UFC

Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo doesn’t mind seeing Jake Paul take an active stand for the MMA fighters against Dana White. Although most of the traditional fighters and fans have expressed disgust towards the social media star, Cejudo shed love and support towards Paul.

MMA news ​: Henry Cejudo Supports Jake Paul Movement Against Dana White And UFC

Transitioning himself from a social media persona to a prize-fighter, Paul has had several feuds with multiple UFC personalities. However, he recently accused Dana White of underpaying the fighters, which he claimed to rule away if given proper support. While Cejudo had nothing against his ex-boss, ‘Triple C’ still favored Jake Paul in the particular case.

In a chat with, He said, “I think it’s cool what he is doing. I really do. Like, I became a fan of him because even though I do respect my boss, they gotta hear it from other people. I respect Dana White. But it’s also good that somebody is bringing that up.”

A few days back, UFC fighter Sara Alpar claimed she didn’t have enough funds to continue her combat career. So, she urged for donations and that’s when Jake Paul voiced his support. He took to social media and offered help to the MMA fighter. This particular move earned him enough appraisals from the fight fans.

While UFC President Dana White didn’t bother to react to the situation, ‘The Problem Child’ clearly took a dig at the MMA promotion by offering his unexpected assistance to Sara Alpar. Besides, vocal support towards Jake Paul from Henry Cejudo might have strengthened the Internet celebrity’s grasp over the combat community.

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