Roy Jones Jr aggressively calls out Carl Froch for Wemley fight: “SHOW ME THAT I AM SHOT TO BITS”

Roy Jones Jr Vs. Carl Froch – who wins? This would have been a great fight back in the day but now, well, it looks as though there is a chance we can add Jones-Froch to the seemingly never ending list of “curiosity fights,” exhibitions between ageing former champions.

Roy Jones Jr aggressively calls out Carl Froch for Wemley fight: "SHOW ME THAT I AM SHOT TO BITS"

A while back, Froch, 33-2(24) and inactive since his KO win over George Groves in their 2014 return fight, said he had been approached about a possible bout with Jones, currently 66-9(47). Froch jokingly said there is no way he was going to get hit on his “new nose,” Froch having had a nose-job soon after retiring. Still, Jones is up for the fight, angered at the way Froch said Jones was “shot to bits.”

In a short video message uploaded by IFL TV, 52 year old Jones challenged 43 year old Froch to “show me I’m shot to bits.”

“Carl Froch says I’m shot to bit. Well, okay. But show me, show me that I’m shot to bits,” Jones said. “Show me. I don’t care, show me that I’m shot to bits. Wembley Stadium, live – 80, 100,000, I don’t care. Show me that I’m shot to bits. When you get right, come see me.”

So, is there a chance we will see this fight, in one form or another? Possibly. Nothing can be ruled out in the sport of boxing during these, shall we say, strange times. Roy Jones got that draw with Mike Tyson in their big hit of a P-P-V exhibition bout last year and he evidently wants more action. Of course there is no way anywhere close to 80,000 fans would come to see this one, at Wembley or any place else.

When both men were at the best, a Froch-Jones fight really would have been something to see. Today, we can take a pass. Who might be the next former champ to come back, though – Joe Calzaghe? Lennox Lewis? Frank Bruno? Erik Morales? Again, almost nothing can be ruled out this year.

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