Scott Coker is ready to let Logan Paul perform at Bellator

Bellator President Scott Coker is open to star video blogger Logan Paul making his MMA debut under the auspices of his organization.

Scott Coker is ready to let Logan Paul perform at Bellator

“Yeah I’d do MMA for sure” Paul said at the post-fight press conference. “Because I am a good grappler. I’m a wrestler at heart and I think it’d be silly of me to not use it in boxing, to the best of my ability.”

If Paul does end up taking an MMA fight it would be a big draw as evidence by his boxing match against Mayweather. For Coker, he says he would be very interested in having that MMA fight be in the Bellator cage.

Scott Cocker is ready to let Logan Paul perform at Bellator

“The answer is absolutely,” Coker told MMA Fighting when asked if he’d give Paul a fight. “I think this kid has shown athletic ability to go in there with Floyd but also we know he’s a high school all-star wrestler from Ohio and I think they’re just getting better and better at combat sports. If he wanted to get into MMA, we would do it.

“The thing with Floyd, come on, how many people could do that? Go eight rounds with Floyd,” Coker continued. “You can’t tell me Floyd at some point in the fight [wasn’t] trying to take it to him and he couldn’t put him away. So to me that is a victory for Logan, as far as I’m concerned. As far as combat sports, I think Logan just upped his value. Was it a great fight? No, it was a lot of dirty boxing going on in that fight but let’s face it, Floyd usually goes and closes the gap and takes care of business and he didn’t do it this time.”

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