The UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan explains why Jon Jones is the UFC GOAT

Joe Rogan famously stated that madness and genius are next door neighbors that borrow each other’s sugar, and it’s difficult to imagine a UFC fighter that exemplifies that duality more than Jon Jones.

The UFC commentator and podcast host recently discussed the greatness of ‘Bones’ with famous videographer Will Harris, founder of Anatomy of a Fighter. The pair recounted the early days of Jones, who succeeded in becoming the youngest UFC champion of all time against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at UFC 128 in 2011.

Joe Rogan and Harris both agreed that ‘Bones’ is the greatest MMA fighter ever, with the podcast host saying this:

“When you open up a fight, when you’re the youngest guy [ever] fighting for the title, and you open up a fight with Shogun with a flying knee. That’s a wild man! [Jones] is a wild man… And that’s the type of guy that becomes the greatest of all time. You don’t get to be the greatest of all time just being a normal person.”

Jon Jones is not just a ‘wild man’ inside the cage, willing to throw flying strikes and spinning elbows, but outside the cage too.

Jones has been reported to use cocaine sporadically and party excessively, and has been involved in several incidents with the law. A hit-and-run conviction in 2015 threatened to derail his career entirely, and ‘Bones’ has accumulated multiple DUI charges too.

Regardless of the troubles that Jones may have faced outside fighting, he has always been able to deliver inside the cage. According to many, including Joe Rogan, ‘Bones’ is the undisputed GOAT of the sport.

Watch the video below:

Joe Rogan on the reason Charles Oliveira turned his career around

Charles Oliveira put together one of the most memorable streaks in UFC history before coming unstuck against Islam Makhachev at UFC 280.

‘Do Bronx’ finished a murderers’ row of opponents in the space of 12 months. He knocked out Michael Chandler at UFC 262, submitted Dustin Poirer seven months later and tapped out Justin Gaethje this past May.

But Oliveira has not always been the marauding killer that he is today, and was described as a ‘quitter’ for large parts of his early UFC career. Some fans and fighters felt like he took the easy way out of fights that weren’t going his way.

However, according to Joe Rogan, something changed in the life of ‘Do Bronx’ that spurred him on to become the man he is today:

“Oliveira’s an interesting case because he used to be kind of a quitter. He kind of fell apart in many fights early in his career. And then had the birth of his daughter, which changed his entire f***ing life.”

Watch the video below:

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