Tyson Fury’s immediate backstage reaction to Oleksandr Usyk defeat revealed in new footage

Tyson Fury was left gutted with the judges’ decision to crown Oleksandr Usyk undisputed champion.

The ‘Gypsy King’ came into a huge showdown with Usyk looking to make history and become the first to win all four heavyweight belts at the same time, but was beaten by split decision. Fury was on the brink of a stoppage loss in the ninth but was able to recover and hear the final bell, although he believed he had done enough to have his hand raised.

After giving his post-fight interview, Tyson Fury trudged back to the changing rooms and was clearly frustrated with the result.

Tyson Fury shouted: “Get up boys. F*****g ripped me off there.

“Listen I won the fight by four or five rounds, but you can never tell when you are in there.”

Moses Itauma, who won earlier on the card with a routine KO, was in the shot and was quick to commend Fury.

Check out how the Pros react after Oleksandr Usyk defeats Tyson Fury

Despite suffering the first loss of his stellar career, the ‘Gypsy King’ was generally in positive spirits after some brutal punching exchanges.

Although arguing he did enough based on advice from his own corner, punch statistics show Usyk did outland him and could be declared a fair winner.

Tyson Fury narrowly missed out on making history, but has a shot at immediate redemption with a rematch being targeted for October.

He said: “We punched f**** out of each other for 12 rounds.

“I’m going to go home, drink some food, drink some beers, have some family time, walk the dog, go to the tip and me and Frank Warren will discuss the future.

“If there’s going to be another fight, I think they’re talking about October, then we’ll rock and roll.

“I’m not boxing because I’ve got no money, I’m boxing because I love it.

“I’m 36 in a few months, I’ve been boxing since I was a child. Where does it all end?

“You have 100 fights and you have brain damage and are in a wheelchair?

“For as long as I’m loving the game, I’ll continue to do it, and when I don’t, I’ll pack it up.”

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