UFC news: Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on Cody Garbrandt’s loss at UFC 269.

UFC news Joe Rogan shared his thoughts on Cody Garbrandt’s loss at UFC 269.

UFC news: Joe Rogan, the famous podcast host, and UFC commentator, recently shared his thoughts on Cody Garbrandt’s loss at UFC 269.

‘No Love’ is one of the most prominent names in the UFC. He made his mark in the bantamweight division and received fame in a very short span. However, he is currently going through a rough phase.

The former UFC bantamweight champion has won only one fight since 2017. However, after his last setback against Rob Font, Garbrandt moved down to the flyweight division. Unfortunately, it changed nothing for him as he suffered a knockout loss in his flyweight debut.

Many UFC fighters reacted to Garbrandt’s devastating loss. One of them was the UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. In a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan was talking with the bantamweight fighter Marlon Vera.

While talking about Garbrandt’s flyweight debut, Rogan said:

“The weight cuts are so bad on the body already. Weight cuts are taking a punch too.”

“Yeah, like look Cody Garbrandt planned for seven months for this fight and you know it’s hard. But you can’t take it away from Kai Kara-France because he landed a perfect punch.”


‘No Love’ faced his second defeat this year. Once a UFC champion, Garbrandt is now facing setbacks one after the other. He has only defeated Raphael Assuncao in 2020. Considering his recent run in the UFC, many believe ‘No Love’ is done in his career. However, his former opponent doesn’t think so.

Dominick Cruz says Cody Garbrandt will be back in action

‘The Dominator’ and ‘No Love’ have previously crossed paths at UFC 207. The latter dethroned Cruz in a bantamweight title fight. However, he hasn’t found much success since then.

Interestingly, both the fighters featured on the fight card of UFC 269. While Garbrandt got knocked out, ‘The Dominator’ secured a unanimous victory in his fight.

However, in the post-fight interview, Cruz defended his former opponent after his loss. He said:

“I don’t know why other people haven’t been successful. I haven’t been part of their camps, but I know that Cody is a champion, obviously, in his heart and mind.”

“I think he’ll get back on track. He’s still very young. Cutting down to 125 is … I don’t even know how that’s possible for him, but he made it work, and he said it was easy, so I think he’ll be fine. Just give the guy some time and let him find his bearings with his team or whatever he needs to find. “

‘The Dominator’ is currently mapping his way back to the bantamweight title and is on a two-fight win streak. Meanwhile, ‘No Love’ after his loss will look for yet another opponent in the flyweight division. However, he will have to find a way back to the win column to sustain in the promotion.

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