Video – Fight between spectators during Sunday’s Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley event

During Sunday’s Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley event there were also a number of fights that broke out in the crowd between the alcohol-fueled fans.

These fights often happen at such big events. Between the fights going on in the ring and fans drinking alcohol in the crowd, we often see people getting heated up and resorting to using their fists. In the incident at the Paul vs. Woodley event above, it looks like there was a pretty big fight that broke out between the fans. It doesn’t look like anyone was seriously injured but still, it was a pretty big fight.

You can watch at one of the insane fights that broke out last night at Paul vs. Woodley below.

Paul and Woodley were the big stars of the show, especially Jake Paul, who was the one who walked away with getting his hand raised in the fight. Following the win over Woodley, Paul will have the ability to draw another big-name opponent for his next fight. There have already been suggestions that he could have a rematch against Paul, but he could also fight someone such as Tommy Fury or even Conor McGregor next instead.

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