Watch the Highlights - Abdu Rozik vs Erali Boyqobilov scrap to ‘draw’ at Social Knockout 3, Hasbulla next

Abdu Rozik and Erali Boyqobilov fought hard across four entertaining rounds that could lead to a superfight against the one and only Hasbulla.

Tajikistani singer and social media influencer Abdu Rozik can officially add ‘boxer’ to his bio after a hard fought four rounds against Erali Boyqobilov at Social Knockout 3.

Abdu Rozik is best known for his longstanding feud with Hasbulla, and his performance in Dubai on Saturday will only fuel calls for a superfight between the two. While Hasbulla has been the one to challenge Rozik to fight in the past, Rozik just proved he’s actually willing to fight.

Influencer boxing is often sloppy, but can make up for its shortcomings if both boxers are willing to lay it on the line and scrap. Erali Boyqobilov was definitely down for that, and he brought the fight to Rozik across four two-minute rounds. At the end both men were declared champions, leaving a confused Boyqobilov wondering what just happened to his clear decision win.

As for Rozik, he took a lot of punches and kept going. Boyqobilov was the better boxer but Rozik showed a lot of heart hanging in for the full fight. He also has the better mic skills: he trashed the results of the fight and accused Erali of cheating.

If people were hoping this bout would be terrible and fizzle interest in Abdu Rozik vs. Hasbulla? It didn’t. If anything, we want Abdu Rozik vs. Hasbulla, with the winner facing Boyqobilov!

Watch the highlights below:

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