Andrea Agnelli spoke about the new contract of Paulo Dybala.


Juventus President Andrea Agnelli denied Paulo Dybala‘s words that the club did not offer him a new contract.


Пауло Дибала, Getty Images


Andrea Agnelli was surprised by the words of striker Paulo Dybala that Juventus is not interested in extending his contract with him, according to La Repubblica.


“I heard Paulo’s words, it’s part of my job to keep an eye on things like this,” the Juventus president replied to journalists’ questions during the Tuttosport Golden Boy 2020 award ceremony. “And a little surprised. , and while waiting for his answer. “

“I know he received an offer that would make him one of the top 20 highest paid players in Europe. He may want to enter the Top 5, and we want to do that too, but he is not in the top 5 yet. If he counts otherwise, you must prove it on the field. “


Earlier, the Argentine said that he would like to stay in Juventus, but the club has not received offers to extend the contract, which expires in 2022.


Пауло Дибала, getty images

“A lot of lies were told about the extension of the contract with the club. My agent was in Turin for a long time, no one called him. I am disappointed by the talk that it’s all about money. It would be better if the truth could be told, talk about finances in the current situation pushes the fans against me, given all my love for Juventus.


I love Juventus. I’ve always said that I want to stay in Turin. I have a good relationship with fans, and all these rumors were in order to turn people against me, “- quotes Dybala Sky Italia.

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