Argentina mom shares emotional story of when Lionel Messi met her 8-year-old son and inspired him

Barbie, an Argentine mom, has shared how Lionel Messi helped her then-8-year-old son, Tommy, during a tough phase in his life.

Tommy was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) when he was eight, the same condition Messi had in his childhood. Barbie helped Tommy by drawing parallels to Messi, hoping that it would give him strength.

Her story, which was originally shared on Instagram and has been translated by Twitter user @JimenaJuani, started:

“I bought a poster of Messi; we put it on his bedroom wall. We told him that he would do the same treatment as his idol. And for him to see that it was not an impediment for Lionel to fulfill his dreams. I knew that this would do my son good.”

Barbie got in touch with Messi’s father Jorge in 2010, and the then-Barcelona forward was happy to meet Tommy.

Messi, who had to take growth hormones for a prolonged period, discussed the GHD treatment at length, telling Tommy whether or not it hurt, and where the injections went. He also reassured young Tommy that everything would be fine.

“Messi told him that he sometimes used to be teased as “pulga”, that sometimes he wanted to be a giant. But being small had its advantages, (you could be) more skilful and quick,” Barbie added.

Messi, who was diagnosed with GHD when he was 11, further told Tommy:

“At your age, I was the same size as you.”

Tommy has grown up healthy and is now the same height as his idol Lionel Messi. His grateful mother, Barbie, concluded saying that she would be eternally grateful to the superstar for having that conversation with her son:

“For all this, I prayed that on Sunday Messi would win the World Cup. I will be eternally grateful for that talk with my son. Thank you Messi, you are giant. Barbie, Tommy’s mom,” her post concluded.

Sergi Roberto backs Lionel Messi to return to his ‘boyhood’ club Barcelona

Barcelona vice-captain Sergi Roberto has reacted to Lionel Messi’s potential contract renewal with Paris Saint-Germain.

The Spaniard urged the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner to return to the Catalonian capital, claiming that no club would make him as happy and fulfilled as Barcelona.

Roberto said in an interview (via Barca Universal):

“I read that Messi was renewing with PSG. I haven’t spoken to him, but I’m sure that he won’t like any other club as much as Barca. It’s his boyhood club.”

Lionel Messi, who left Barcelona as a free agent in 2021, sees his contract with PSG expire in 2023. If an extension is signed, he could stay with the club till the end of the 2023-24 season.

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