Charles Oliveira spoke about what he's doing differently for Islam Makhachev title bout ahead UFC 280

Charles Oliveira spoke about what he’s doing differently for Islam Makhachev title bout ahead UFC 280

Charles Oliveira will be doing a few things differently going into his UFC 280 title clash against Islam Makhachev.

Oliveira revealed that he will be arriving in Abu Dhabi 20 days prior to the fight to get accustomed to the weather conditions.

The uncrowned lightweight champion further revealed that he will be traveling with a crew of 15, which is essentially his entire team. ‘Do Bronx’ said in a recent interview with Ag.Fight:

“I told Diego, this time I want to do something different. I never wanted to come to the US so far in advance. But this time I am going there I think 20 days before the fight. If I’m not mistaken, 15 people from the team are going, so practically all my team. The people who help to do my camp, who help me, are going there this time. And I believe that’s it. I think the most important thing is to get there and get your head straight.”

Charles Oliveira also asked his teammate Allan Nascimento, who has experience fighting in Abu Dhabi, about the difference in conditions there. According to ‘do Bronx’, Nascimento assured him that the conditions won’t make much of a difference as he is a focused and disciplined athlete.

Charles Oliveira's trainer rules out the possibility of a fight with Islam Makhachev in Abu Dhabi at UFC 281

Charles Oliveira’s coach claims teammate Allan Nascimento was robbed off a win in Abu Dhabi

Charles Olveira had initially insisted on fighting Islam Makhachev in Brazil instead of Abu Dhabi, which is considered to be the home ground of the Dagestani brigade. While the fight was eventually booked in Abu Dhabi, Oliveira’s head coach Diego Lima explained why ‘do Bronx’ was unwilling to fight there.

According to Lima, his disciple and Charles Oliveira’s Chute Box teammate Allan Nascimento was once a victim of biased judging in Abu Dhabi. Nascimento’s debut was foiled by a split decision loss to Tagir Ulanbekov at UFC 267. According to Lima, ‘Puro Osso’ would have roped in the victory if he was fighting in any other country. Lima said in an interview with Ag.Fight:

“Allan Puro Osso debuted in the UFC against Khabib’s cousin, I forgot his name [Ulanbekov]. Cousin, friend, I don’t know. There in Abu Dhabi… People from the organization, backstage, UFC commentators, former fighters, inside the locker room said that they thought Allan won. In my opinion, Allan won the fight. If it had been in any other country in the world he would have won the fight.”

Watch the clip below:

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