Check out how Sharabutdin 'Bullet' Magomedov teases glimpses of his assassin role in upcoming Hollywood film

Sharabutdin Magomedov is one of the latest talents from the mountains of Dagestan in UFC and the ‘Bullet’ is all set to make his Hollywood debut as a villain in a movie.

Magomedov is a searing prospect in the middleweight division but he is unlike most of his peers from the Caucasus region. He is a menacing marksman who is unwilling to take his opponents down instead relying on his skillful striking acumen.

The 30-year-old is as terrifying with his fists as he is with his face. This has proved fruitful for the Russian as he landed a role as a villain in an upcoming movie.

He recently shared a snap from the movie set on his Instagram story, where he can be seen filming a shot.

Check out the story below:

Credits: shara_bullet77 on Instagram
Credits: shara_bullet77 on Instagram

The Russian is playing the role of an assassin in the upcoming movie. Talking to Red Corner MMA, the kickboxer revealed the specifics about his upcoming film:

“One of my managers told me about this idea, three shooting days, a short film. I’ll have to fly to Los Angeles. They will pay for my visa and all costs. I thought about it, asked him about the role, he said it was a murderer, I decided to take the offer.”

Watch Sharabutdin Magomedov share the details about the movie (36:45):

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