Conor McGregor is about to return to welterweight

Conor McGregor has confirmed that the third fight against Dustin Poirier will not be his last, as the Irishman plans to return to welterweight. At the moment, it is not known what targets McGregor sets for himself, but the welterweight fight for him is a goal for the near future.

Throughout his tumultuous UFC career, Conor McGregor has fought three welterweight fights. He and Nate Diaz exchanged victories in 2016, after which McGregor made his return to welterweight in early 2020 with a crushing first-round knockout victory against Donald Cerrone.

Conor McGregor is about to return to welterweight

Since then, there has been a lot of talk that Conor McGregor could return to welterweight, but revenge, and as it turned out later, and the trilogy, against Poirier, pushed back his plans for a return to welterweight.

Answering questions on Twitter, McGregor said that he always liked the way he feels and how he looks at welterweight. He also added that he will return back to welterweight.

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