Cristiano Ronaldo's Al Nassr unveiling got more views than Lionel Messi's World Cup final triumph

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled as Saudi Arabian team Al Nassr’s new singing, and the event attracted a staggering three billion views across 40 different channels. Reportedly, it was more than Lionel Messi’s World Cup-winning moment in Qatar.

This is a remarkable feat, especially considering that the 2022 World Cup final, which saw Argentine legend Lionel Messi lift the trophy, only garnered 2.5 billion views across all channels.

The Saudi-based club signed the five-time Ballon d’Or winner on a massive €200 million contract. Ronaldo received a heroic welcome upon his arrival in Riyadh, with streets filled with fans and billboards welcoming his historic arrival in the Asian country.

Ronaldo’s unveiling generated more views than the World Cup final is a testament to the global appeal and popularity of the Portuguese star despite his move to a lesser-developed continent in terms of football.

With a massive following on social media and a devoted fan base, Ronaldo’s every move is scrutinized by the media and his fans. It is no surprise that the announcement of his transfer to a new team would generate such high viewer numbers.

The reason Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival in Saudi Arabia earned more eyeballs than Argentina’s historic win against the defending champions France could find in the last year of Ronaldo’s career. The Portuguese superstar had one of the most difficult seasons of his professional career, where he lost his baby child and was dropped from playing 11 by Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag game after game.

Fans worldwide were happy to see their favorite player smile after such a tumultuous year.

Another reason could be the fact that Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, and his transfer to a new team has always been a major event. Fans and media alike were eager to see where he would end up, and the announcement of his move to Al Nassr generated widespread interest.

It is worth noting, however, that three billion views on Ronaldo’s unveiling were spread across 40 different channels, while the 2.5 billion views for the World Cup final were across all channels. This means that the World Cup final may have had more total views than Cristiano Ronaldo’s unveiling, but the viewing figures were not as widely reported.

”Bad choice and ego” – Miguel Delaney claims Cristiano Ronaldo’s end is ‘sad’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s disappointment last year sparked debates among football fans and experts, claiming he has always been second to his rival Lionel Messi.

Chief football writer for the Independent, Miguel Delaney, has claimed that Ronaldo’s decline is “sad” and that he has always been overshadowed by rival Lionel Messi.

Many fans disagree and argue that Ronaldo’s success and talent speak for themselves. Some have even pointed out that his bad choices and ego will never cloud his achievements based on sheer physical and mental strength.

Here are some of the fan reactions after the bold claims made by Delaney:

Ronaldo is likely to make his Al Nassr debut against Al-Ettifaq at Mrsool Park on January 22.

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