Dominick Cruz supported Petr Yan by criticizing Dillashaw

Former UFC bantamweight champion (up to 61 kg), American veteran Dominick Cruz reacted to the recent statement of his former rival, compatriot T.J. Dillashaw, who spoke unflatteringly about the Russian Petr Yan.

Dominick Cruz supported Petr Yan by criticizing Dillashaw

“And the Oscar goes to @FakeMaster for Best Actor in a Title Fight and Petr Yan needs a crash course in the rules of the sport he was once champion in. Hey Petr now you’re a cheater too, bitch.” –  Dillashaw wrote.

“Yeah I mean, okay, so if you’re just trying to stay relevant, I don’t know if those are the choice words personally. But like you said, maybe everybody’s going to dislike you anyway because you’re a cheater so you might as well go all-in on it. But to go look, you’re also a cheater, Yan, that’s just a mirror. That’s just him exposing himself again, trying to make himself feel better for being a cheater. And so it’s like he’s looking at a mirror when he sees Yan, and he’s like, “Oh look, look! He’s a cheater too!” And it’s like ok, cool. You’re about eight years old,” Dominick Cruz said.

There have been hints that Dillashaw could take on Cory Sandhagen in the next first place challenger match between former teammates, but now that Dominick Cruz talks about Dillashaw, perhaps the rematch between these two longtime rivals will be a match for both fighters in next, with a title shot on the line for the winner. The first fight was a split decision victory for Dominick Cruz, so it might be time for both of them to sort out their differences in the Octagon.

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