Fight Werdum – Ferreira declared invalid

The New Jersey State Athletic Commission has reviewed the result of the fight between Brazilian ex-UFC champion Fabricio Werdum and his compatriot Renan Ferreira, which took place on May 6 at the PFL 3: 2021 Regular Season tournament.

Recall that in that fight, Ferreira defeated Werdum by knockout in the first round, but before that he knocked the titled opponent on the shoulder during a choke hold, signaling surrender. The referee missed this moment, because of which, after the fight, Werdum filed an appeal.

Fight Werdum - Ferreira declared invalid

According to the PFL promotion via its official Twitter account, the Werdum-Ferreira fight was eventually declared invalid.

OFFICIAL: The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has overturned the result of Werdum vs Ferreira to a No Decision. Per the PFL rules, both fighters receive 1 point in the heavyweight standings.

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