Henry Cejudo criticized Mayweather’s performance in a fight with Logan Paul

Henry Cejudo criticized boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s performance against Logan Paul.

Henry Cejudo criticized Mayweather's performance in a fight with Logan Paul

Mayweather went the full eight-round distance with Paul on Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, during their special exhibition boxing match. It wasn’t the most exciting fight as there was a lot of hugging and Mayweather seemed to be almost playing with his food and carrying Paul instead of finishing him with punches. Indeed, Paul even admitted in his post-fight interview that he wondered if Mayweather carried him to the distance. Either way, it was far from the best performance we’ve seen from Mayweather, although it’s worth noting again that it was an exhibition fight that doesn’t really matter.

Having said that, there were a number of combat sports athletes who took to their social media to pan the fight, including Cejudo, who thought Mayweather had a poor showing. In fact, Cejudo thinks that he would have destroyed Mayweather based on this fight.

“Hey 50 – 1 @FloydMayweather imagine what an Olympic gold medalist would do to a guy who lost to a YouTuber. You wouldn’t make it past two rounds with me. #oldman” – wrote Henry Cejudo on his Twitter.

Cejudo is retired from MMA and from combat sports in general, but he has managed to keep in the news by using his social media to continually call out fighters. While a matchup between Cejudo and Mayweather does seem somewhat intriguing on paper since Cejudo has good hands, at the same time, it seems very unlikely that Mayweather would entertain such a fight, especially when he can find someone like Paul to step into the boxing ring with him, instead. Still, it’s not stopping Cejudo from taking to social media to call him out.

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