Henry Cejudo: “Jake Paul will beat Tyron Woodley”

Former UFC champion in two weight categories, American Henry Cejudo, in his usual eccentric style, spoke about a potential boxing match between the former welterweight champion (77 kg) Tyron Woodley and YouTube star Jake Paul.

Henry Cejudo: "Jake Paul will beat Tyron Woodley"

“Now I’m going to say something about the YouTubers, forgive me for that, and in particular about Jake Paul. Despite the fact that he beat a mediocre guy who knows nothing but a fight, and it hates me, he did what he said.

You may think I’m crazy, but I will say that Jake Paul will beat Tyrone Woodley. Don’t drive Triple C … Why do I think so? Because all Woodley has is muscle and a right overhand, ”said Henry Cejudo.

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