Joe Rogan comments on the highlights of UFC 261

UFC star commentator Joe Rogan commented on UFC 261 and the early victory of the welterweight champion (up to 77 kg), Nigerian Kamaru Usman, in a rematch with American Jorge Masvidal, which took place yesterday in Florida.

Joe Rogan comments on the highlights of UFC 261

What an insane night! One of the most exciting UFC cards in recent memory and 3 spectacular title fights. There were so many great moments in the night, but @usman84kg winning by a one punch KO was the perfect ending to the UFC welcoming back full crowds. The applause and the enthusiasm was off the charts last night.
@rosenamajunas regaining her title with a perfectly placed high kick was just fucking incredible, and @bulletvalentina once again proved to be ruthlessly dominant, and many levels above her challengers.

The night was really magic.

I think one of the scariest things about Usman is that he keeps getting better. In BIG jumps, like you sometimes see in very young fighters early in their careers, which is very, very unusual for a dominant champion. Him beating Masvidal is impressive, but doing it with a perfect one punch KO was just fucking amazing. I think a real case can be made that he’s the best pound for pound fighter on earth, and certainly one of the greatest champions of all time. Only lost once in his career in his 2nd pro fight and has been relentlessly dominant ever since. 100% take down defense in his career inside the octagon is just a fucking insane statistic considering his opposition, and his last two stoppages show a clear evolution in his striking.
I love excellence, and in this man I think we’re seeing a really rare and special example of that.

I always feel very fortunate to have my seat at the commentary table, and I still get goosebumps before big fights like I did when I first started working for the UFC many years ago. If it’s possible, I think I appreciate it even more now than ever. It was a real honor to be there last night. It really felt like I was witnessing history. ” – Joe Rogan wrote on his Instagram.

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