Francis Ngannou commented on Usman’s victory in rematch with Masvidal

UFC heavyweight champion (up to 120 kg), Cameroonian Francis Ngannou commented on social networks on the early victory of his friend and welterweight champion (up to 77 kg), Nigerian Kamaru Usman, in a rematch with American Jorge Masvidal, which took place yesterday in Florida.

Francis Ngannou commented on Usman's victory in rematch with Masvidal

What an incredible night for my brother @usman84kg!!
What an improvement in his striking game!
He’s known as a wrestler but he’s been putting guys in a striking clinic in such a clean and dominant way. So if you can’t wrestle him and you can’t strike him then what else can you do? Nothing.
He came out tonight and made a huge statement and proved that he’s the undisputed Champ for a reason.
” – Francis Ngannou wrote on Instagram.

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