MMA community shocked by training video of Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia

After the scandalous dismissal of Diego Sanchez from the UFC, it became clear that the fighter’s coach, Joshua Fabia, is not the kind of person who can be allowed into his life, however, the training video that appeared on the network demonstrates the true extent of the madness that the MMA veteran became a part of at the end of his career.

Strange is the softest definition that can be used to describe this video, although the epithet “shocking” is more appropriate to describe the practices used by Sanchez’s mentor.

At the moment, the original video has been removed from YouTube, however, before that it managed to spread across social networks, and, of course, will become fertile ground for more than one meme.

Recall that last week Diego Sanchez was removed from the fight with Donald Cerrone and fired from the UFC, because his coach refused to provide additional medical documents about his ward’s health, and later the fighter said in all seriousness that in the next two years the UFC can arrange his death. Judging by the video posted, Diego Sanchez is indeed in danger, but not from where he expects it.

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