Nate Diaz explains why he agreed to fight Leon Edwards

Former UFC welterweight title contender Nate Diaz said he decided to fight against top welterweight Leon Edwards because other big-name fighters didn’t want to go out with him in the octagon.

Nate Diaz explains why he agreed to fight Leon Edwards

“Right now Leon Edwards is winning and kicking ass, so that’s why I’m here to show who the best fighter is. I think, damn it, winning is my plan, my goal. I believe that this is already a title fight.

Leon Edwards knows how to win fights, so I need to not screw up and win myself. This guy wins, and all the other dudes who have a big name merged with the fight. So I decided that if this guy was beating everyone up, then I would fight him. Yes, it motivates you to work. You know you have to wake up and work hard. You need to win, losing is not an option, so you need to give your best, ” Nate Diaz said in an interview with Kevin Ayola.

Recall, the fight Diaz-Edwards will be the third most important event of UFC 263, this weekend.

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